Thanks for coming, please come in, take off your shoes and have a drink of your choice. It does not have to be alcoholic, just for all the people out there who are against that stuff. I myself, prefer alcohol. Cheers, and lets get this started. Visit the “Chapters” page to roll the ball. Also I hope to have a new chapter every two weeks at the latest, I do not have the internet at home so all of my updating will be done over my lunch hour at work (riiiight. Lunch hour XP)


8 Responses to ISBI

  1. Ica says:

    Heyyyy, so guess who just got nominated… Yeah you. YAY!

  2. And another nomination for the Liebster Award!

  3. blamsart says:

    It’s award giving time again! Here ya go, I nominated you 😀

  4. dawnstar17 says:

    I nominated both your blogs for the Sunshine Award!

    • autumnrein says:

      Thank you so much, such a surprise!! Sorry I have been so MIA lately. This summer has been so busy and hard to find the time to sit still. I’m hoping to be back soon.

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